What’s happening to my body in the third trimester? - 9 months pregnant

Whether you’re counting down till the days you meet your little one or wishing time would stop right now, your baby is officially coming soon! At 9 months pregnant, you’ve probably done everything on your checklist from taking birthing classes to choosing baby clothes to getting the nursery ready to reading all the books or articles, and now it’s the time to get the show on the road!

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, here are some of the main symptoms or changes to your body that you will find happening this month:

  • Aches and pains in the pelvic area will increase as the baby’s head moves lower and grows bigger
  • You are likely to feel a mounting pressure in your pubic region as your baby may be partially or fully engaged in your pelvis
  • You’ll finally breathe easier as your baby’s head begins to descend into your pelvis and your belly may sit lower causing the release of pressure on the diaphragm – this is known as “lightening”
  • Your movement will slow down as your size make it difficult to move quickly and maintain balance
  • You may feel overwhelmed with fatigue as you’ve been growing a human (or two) for 9 months now!
  • You still feel like peeing The. Time. (cries) due to your raging pregnancy hormones and your baby literally tap-dancing on your bladder
  • You may experience a change in appetite, whether it is lack of appetite or feeling hungrier than usual 

By now, you must be  anticipating the birth of your little one for what it feels like forever, yes mama, it is finally happening …soon! Make sure to pack your hospital bag and always have them ready nearby. Ensure your husband or birth partner know s where the hospital bag is! You might even have a late burst of energy now and a strong urge to clean and scrub – this is known as the “nesting” instinct but be careful not to overdo it. Basically, try to use this time to finish up any last-minute preparation that you need to do! Hey, self-care included! (wink)  


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