What’s happening to my body in the third trimester? - 8 months pregnant

After seven months (and going into the eighth month) of being pregnant, you may have probably forgotten how you feel without being pregnant or without a belly. Feeling like you’ve mastered pregnancy? In fact, this month can be quite different than all the previous months!

As you are preparing for the arrival of your baby, here are some of the new, more noticeable changes to your body that you will find happening this month:

  • You may start to notice tightening sensations around your lower abdomen around now or in later weeks – this is known as the “Braxton-Hicks” contractions. It can also feel like a mild to stronger cramp-like feeling but their irregularity and the fact they aren’t very painful means this isn’t the real sign of labour! So, relax! – Don’t panic, it’s most likely not the real deal yet.
  • The size of your belly puts pressure on your veins, and this can lead to enlarged veins called the varicose veins which are itchy or even painful. They commonly appear in the legs.
  • You may continue to experience difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath as your uterus grows bigger causing your stomach to press up against your lungs.
  • You feel like peeing The. Time. (cries) as your baby moves lower and puts more pressure on your bladder. (but hey, it’s just a matter of time now until you hold him/her in your arms!)

Hang in there, mama! It may seem like it’s harder and more tiring, but the end of your pregnancy is in sight! Childbirth class starts around this time, it’s the perfect time to get yourself and your partner prepared and be ready for labour and delivery. This is also another great month to start preparing for your little one’s arrival.


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