Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

Remember the moment when you saw two lines on the pregnancy test kit, and it meant that you’re pregnant….? Remember the heart-pounding, life-changing moment and the rush of mixed emotions you felt upon staring at the positive pregnancy test? And now you are wondering why you are always crying at the tiniest thing but that’s just because of the crazy pregnancy hormones that take your mind through an ongoing stream of changes emotionally, every day! Yeap at this moment of life, your body is making an unusual amount of hormones that can make you feel exhausted, forgetful, or moody. It is common to go through many of the following changes in pregnancy: 


First Trimester

  • Extreme fatigue or morning sickness on a daily basis
  • Moodiness and mood swing is normal, as you can be happy and worry about a new pregnancy, or feel upset about an unplanned pregnancy
  • hcG that rises sharply in the first trimester to keep embryo firmly implanted in the uterine lining, are responsible for causing morning sickness
  • Progesterone and estrogen which increase throughout the nine months are to sustain the pregnancy
  • With the unusual amount of hormones in the body now, this can make you feel exhausted, forgetful, and moody



Something both moms and dads can do

☑️ Communicate, communicate, and communicate your needs

☑️ We stress the importance of communication during this trimester as you adjust to your completely new life and body. This is the time to talk it out and clear your worries with understanding friends and family members. Putting your concerns into words often helps to dissipate them and gives you insight into solutions. Communicate with your partner, make it a two-way street. Besides pouring out your feelings, let him express his own too.

☑️ If you’re caring for older children and rest isn’t an option, ask for support. Express your needs to your partner and understand that this doesn’t make you a bad wife or mother to get help from others.



Second Trimester

  • Fatigue, morning sickness, and moodiness begin to improve or go away as hCG leveled off, while progesterone and estrogen continue to rise
  • You may feel that your energy is coming back slowly, and a tremendous joy as you feel your baby’s first kick
  • Mood swings still occur, and you still feel a number of emotions as you will look heavier than normal and look visibly pregnant
  • You will face some potential stress triggers where you will be offered a number of stressful tests to access your baby’s risk level for certain birth defects
  • As your belly starts to grow and your body changes, you may feel unattractive and vulnerable, this may put a strain on your sex life and relationship



Something both moms and dads can do

☑️ As you freak out about how much weight you are gaining and losing control of your figure, remember that pregnancy is a temporary condition.

☑️ Eating well and keeping your lifestyle active like going for a walk or trying a pregnancy yoga class is something that moms can do to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight.

☑️ When you feel vulnerable and unattractive, bond with your partner about how you’re feeling. Spend plenty of time together and nurture your relationshipGo on a babymoon vacation, if you can, and strengthen your connection now so you can really be there for one another after the baby comes.



Third Trimester

  • The progesterone and estrogen level are at the highest level in this trimester, which can leave you to encounter more mood swings, and being teary
  • Mood swings are quite common in the last few months of pregnancy, as you’re at your heaviest and most uncomfortable weight with an achy body and being sleep-deprived
  • Strangers start rubbing your belly and relatives with lots of unwanted advice may leave you feeling annoyed and irritated
  • A combination of hormonal surges, anxiety about labour, lack of sleep, and aches with pain may leave you feeling vulnerable and more irritable than before



Something both moms and dads can do

☑️ You may feel very anxious or worried as you are near to your due date but don’t get worried about being worried. Because the truth is, almost all pregnant women worry. But what you can do is, do something about your worry. If you’re anxious and not sure what to expect after your baby’s birth, book an antenatal class to give you confidence and information on the preparation for your baby’s birth. Bring your partner together so that both of you can be prepared for this new challenge of life. Antenatal class is also a good way to make friends with other parents who are expecting babies around the same time as you. These friendships can help you and your partner through the first few months with your baby.  

☑️ Take it easy and resist the urge to pack in as many chores as you can before the baby comes, because you don’t have to! Put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Pampering yourself is an essential part of taking care of your baby.  

☑️ As for partners, friends and relatives, your reassurance and support are the best things you can do! Reassure her that she is doing a wonderful job, and always LISTEN to her. Encourage her to cry if she needs to. Help her with house chores. Make dinner for her and help her to create a schedule and set priorities with things that must be done versus things that can wait. Give her permission to take care of herself and insist that she can rest as much as possible.



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