What’s happening to my body in the second trimester? - 5 months pregnant

You are almost halfway through your pregnancy journey! Wow! How time flies when you are now enjoying the new surge of energy, the cute baby bump that you can show off wearing cute maternity clothes without being judged, the new burst of self-confidence with that rosy pregnancy glow and the new ultrasound picture that you are showing off in your social media app. All these few small pleasures of being an expecting parent now are sure to make you feel like the “honeymoon” of pregnancy stage now!

Here are some of the new, more noticeable changes to your body that you will find happening this month:

  • Your growing belly becomes ever more prominent
  • You may look positively more glowing and healthier as more blood is diverted to the skin (some of the many joys of being pregnant!)
  • You may experience an increased sex drive as a result of pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow to the pelvic area
  • You will most likely feel your baby move for the very first time from this point! These early movements are known as “quickening” and can feel like a fluttery sensation. But if you haven’t felt anything yet, that’s OK too as all babies are different.
  • Hip and back pain as the ligaments that support the pelvic area stretch and thin as your uterus continue to grow
  • Your changing shape and size mean your centre of gravity shifts and you may feel a little wobbly – yay to more flats, sandals, sneakers!
  • Heartburn, indigestion, constipation or existing symptoms may worsen as your uterus continues to move upward, pressing into the stomach

At this month, as your belly becomes more prominent, you may attract comments on your appearance and pregnancy. Some people may want to touch your belly, but it is OK to ask people not to if you are uncomfortable. Be sure to include plenty of fibre in your diet and drink more fluid to avoid constipation. In addition, your ultrasound scan may take place around this month, and you will be able to find out your baby’s gender! So, think ahead if you will want to know your baby’s gender or keep it as a secret to only be revealed during your gender party!


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