How to enjoy your baby’s first year

As the birth of a new baby can be such a miracle and remarkably happy event, the demands are daunting and extremely exhausting. While the first year can be crazy, and it felt like time was crawling, the next thing you know is that the first year would flew by before you even know it, so here’s some secrets to help you get through the first year with more grace and fewer tears!

It is okay to get to help

Soothing a fussy baby, breastfeeding, changing diapers can be difficult – adding on with the extra challenge of dealing with plummeting hormones, exhaustion, and physical recovery from birth. During this challenging time, don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept help from others! Never let guilt or embarrassment get in your way to accept that extra pair of hands because wouldn’t it be nice if someone is able help out with the laundry while you are trying to soothe your baby to sleep?

Save up that money!

Remember that bling bling tutu skirt that you can’t resist buying? That super cute Superman outfit that your little boy pulls off during that party? They are probably forgotten and sitting somewhere in corner of the wardrobe now after literally 1-time wear and they have already outgrown it! So why stock up? Recycle used clothes from other family members whenever possible. Save that money and thank us later!

Help your baby develop a sleep routine

Creating a sleep routine will help you and your baby adjust to your new life together. Learn what helps your baby sleep and stick to a specific naptime and bedtime every day. This will help your baby and you getting the sleep you both need and of course, keeping you sane through that entire first year.

Don’t compare!

You already know that every baby develops at their own pace. You can’t help but to think why hasn’t your baby start calling you “Mummy” yet while other baby in the playground already seems so chatty! Well, just stop. Do anything in your power to stop comparing for the sake of your sanity. If you are truly worried that your baby is falling far back behind, seek for expert’s help to make sure things are fine.

You deserve a break!

It is definitely not easy especially when you have a toddler calling you mommy non-stop 24/7 and a baby wailing non-stop. You felt like as if you are really going insane. Take this opportunity to send out an SOS to a relative or hand your child over to daddy, and just have some time away from your baby. It’s okay, your baby is fine and safe. Take care of yourself and recharge. Self-love and self-care are essential tasks after all.

Enjoy the moment, enjoy the present

In a blink of an eye, your child is no longer the crawling baby that you dread for him to grow up faster – you can’t wait for him to talk, to walk, to feed himself. Suddenly, your little baby seems not so little anymore, that you seem to have missed the entire experience. You spend every day looking after him, but was too distracted to actually see him? Try holding your baby and just use your senses to connect with him. Smell him. Touch his little toes and fingers. Hold him tight and enjoy this very moment.

There’s no one else like you

You are special at your own way. Not better, not worse – because you know you do your best every day to make sure your child was fed, cleaned, slept soundly every night. No matter how you did those things, you should be proud and give yourself a good pat that you’ve done it, as a good mom, as the best mom – to your child.

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